Campus-Wide Administration and Staff

Ms. Deborah Farquhar Jones, President
Ms. Melanie Drouin, Admissions Director
Ms. Lindsay Fullerman, Athletic Director
Ms. Linda Hurley, Interim CFO
Ms. Sarah Hutzler-Psihountakis '07, Alumnae Relations Director
Ms. Jeanette Meyer-Fladung, Director of External Relations
Mr. Kevin Murphy, Facilities Director
Mrs. Peggy Smith '65, Database Manager
Ms. Theresa Smith, Bookkeeper
Ms. Olivia Wakeling, Director of Annual Giving

Campus-Wide Faculty Academic and Staff

Mr. Adam Anzelc, Social Studies
Mrs. Susan Arnold, Language Arts - Grades 4-6
Mrs. Kathy Augustyn, Grade 2
Ms. Victoria Barnhill, Administrative Assistant - Middle and Upper Schools
Sr. Maura Bartel, Assistant Principal/Registrar - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Carolyn Beeler, College Counselor
Ms. Marcie Bircher, Theology
Ms. Dorothy Boggs, Speech Therapist - Lower School
Mrs. Rachael Brown '11 - Auxiliary Clerk - All Schools
Mrs. Buff Darkow, English
Mr. Harold Darkow, Mathematics
Ms. Kathryn DiNardo, Counselor - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Elaine Dria, Mathematics
Mrs. Kathryn Dull-Watts, Art - Lower School and Grades 7-8
Mrs. Elaine Fippin, English
Miss Christina Gaglio, Preschool Assistant
Mr. Michael Gavin, Academic Dean
Mrs. Becky Gravenstein, Mathematics
Ms. Christy Guerreau, French
Ms. Rose Gullo, Preschool
Ms. Terry Henretty '60, Tutor - Lower School
Mrs. Katy Hines, Administrative Assistant - Lower School
Ms. Marian Houser, Health Aide - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Walt Jacoby, History/Government
Ms. Tia Jameson, Art - Grades 9-12
Mrs. Nada Kahwaji, Health Aide - Lower School
Miss Chelsy Kearney, Grade 1
Ms. Pat Kelley, Science/Physics
Dr. Darlene Khoury, Campus Minister and Religious Education
Mrs. Erin Klaus, Counselor
Ms. Melinda Kline, Music - Middle and Uppers Schools
Mrs. Laura Kowalik, Grade 3
Ms. Marybeth Lambach, Social Studies - Grades 4-6
Ms. Heidi Ledbetter, Theology
Mr. Chuck Nolte, Tutor - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Meredith Patterson, Pre K Assistant
Mr. Matthew Powell, Media Specialist/Technology
Mrs. Maureen Reymann, Latin
Ms. Diana Ross, Math and Science - Grades 4-6
Mrs. Nancy Rufus, History
Mr. Rick Ruggles, Spanish
Mrs. Holly Stoneberg, Biology
Mr. Jim Tawney, Tutor - Middle and Upper Schools
Miss Amy Taylor, Pre K
Mr. Dominic Tomei, Spanish - Lower School
Mrs. Carol Ungvarsky, Chemistry
Mrs. Lisa Walker '90, English
Miss Kristin Yee, Kindergarten
Mrs. Kandy Zartman, Music - Lower School
Ms. Carolyn Ziegler, Health/Physical Education

Campus-Wide Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Kay Boring, Cafeteria Manager - Lower School
Ms. Helen Carson, Housekeeping
Mr. Tony Carreker, Housekeeping
Mrs. Doris Davis, Cafeteria Associate - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Daniel Kinsey, Sports Complex Field Manager
Mr. John Reed, Maintenance
Mrs. Mary Rita Schafer, Cafeteria Manager - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Fred Sines, Maintenance
Ms. Annie Stallings, Housekeeping