Campus-Wide Administration and Staff

Ms. Deborah Farquhar Jones, President
Ms. Melanie Drouin, Admissions Director
Ms. Lindsay Fullerman, Athletic Director
Ms. Jeanette Meyer-Fladung, Director of External Relations
Ms. Kelly Mocarski, CPA, MT, Director of Finance
Mr. Kevin Murphy, Facilities Director
Mrs. Peggy Smith '65, Database Manager
Ms. Theresa Smith, Bookkeeper
Ms. Olivia Wakeling, Director of Annual Giving

Campus-Wide Faculty Academic and Staff

Mr. Adam Anzelc, Social Studies
Mrs. Susan Arnold, Language Arts - Grades 4-6
Mrs. Kathy Augustyn, Grade 2
Sr. Maura Bartel, Assistant Principal/Registrar - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Carolyn Beeler, College Counselor
Ms. Marcie Bircher, Theology
Ms. Dorothy Boggs, Speech Therapist - Lower School
Mrs. Buff Darkow, English
Mr. Harold Darkow, Mathematics
Ms. Kathryn DiNardo, Counselor - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Elaine Dria, Mathematics
Mrs. Kathryn Dull-Watts, Art - Lower School and Grades 7-8
Mrs. Elaine Fippin, English
Miss Christina Gaglio, Preschool Assistant
Mr. Michael Gavin, Academic Dean
Mrs. Becky Gravenstein, Mathematics
Ms. Christy Guerreau, French
Ms. Rose Gullo, Preschool
Ms. Terry Henretty '60, Tutor - Lower School
Mrs. Katy Hines, Administrative Assistant - Lower School
Ms. Marian Houser, Health Aide - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Melinda Hoye, Auxiliary Clerk - All Schools
Mr. Walt Jacoby, History/Government
Ms. Tia Jameson, Art - Grades 9-12
Mrs. Nada Kahwaji, Health Aide - Lower School
Miss Chelsy Kearney, Grade 1
Ms. Pat Kelley, Science/Physics
Dr. Darlene Khoury, Campus Minister and Religious Education
Mrs. Erin Klaus, Counselor
Ms. Melinda Kline, Music - Middle and Uppers Schools
Mrs. Laura Kowalik, Grade 3
Ms. Marybeth Lambach, Social Studies - Grades 4-6
Ms. Heidi Ledbetter, Theology
Ms. Lori Lunder, Administrative Assistant - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Chuck Nolte, Tutor - Middle and Upper Schools
Mrs. Meredith Patterson, Pre K Assistant
Mr. Matthew Powell, Current and Emerging Technologies/Media
Mrs. Maureen Reymann, Latin
Ms. Diana Ross, Math and Science - Grades 4-6
Mrs. Nancy Rufus, History
Mr. Rick Ruggles, Spanish
Mrs. Holly Stoneberg, Biology
Mr. Jim Tawney, Tutor - Middle and Upper Schools
Miss Amy Taylor, Pre K
Mr. Dominic Tomei, Spanish - Lower School
Mrs. Carol Ungvarsky, Chemistry
Mrs. Lisa Walker '90, English
Miss Kristin Yee, Kindergarten
Mrs. Kandy Zartman, Music - Lower School
Ms. Carolyn Ziegler, Health/Physical Education

Campus-Wide Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Kay Boring, Cafeteria Manager - Lower School
Ms. Helen Carson, Housekeeping
Mr. Tony Carreker, Housekeeping
Mrs. Doris Davis, Cafeteria Associate - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Daniel Kinsey, Sports Complex Field Manager
Mr. John Reed, Maintenance
Mrs. Mary Rita Schafer, Cafeteria Manager - Middle and Upper Schools
Mr. Fred Sines, Maintenance
Ms. Annie Stallings, Housekeeping