Mission Statement:

Our Lady of the Elms School, an independent, Catholic school rooted in the Dominican tradition, educates girls and young women to listen openly, evaluate wisely, speak bravely, lead justly, and serve compassionately.


St. Dominic founded the Order of Preachers, or Dominicans, as we are often called, to seek and preach truth—the truth that sets us free and leads to abundant life. Dominican women and men have a passion for truth that must find voice. Four threads—prayer, study, community, and ministry (preaching)—are so woven together to form the fabric of Dominican life that to pull out one thread is to unravel the whole:  Catholic education in the Dominican tradition is to be formed through study and prayer, shared in community.  Dominican education recognizes the value of diversity with respect for and of one another.  At the Elms we believe that each person grows because of the sharing of the different faith traditions.  Our course of studies include not only basic academic courses but also emphasizes justice for all, service to the less fortunate and building peace while pursuing truth and finding one’s voice so the young women who leave the Elms can take their place in the community, their church, and the world.