Our Vision

Our co-ed Pre-School program (ages 3-5) values each child as an individual with his or her own talents and abilities. Our educators strive to provide the children with a comprehensive educational experience. Our goal is to teach your child in an environment that emphasizes learning through hands-on exploration and positive interaction with adults, peers, and various materials.

Our Program

Aligned with the Diocese of Cleveland Curriculum as well as the Early Learning and Development Standards from the Ohio Department of Education, the Elms offers both half- and full-day Pre-School programs.  They are designed to provide boys and girls with a strong start in school, and to promote developmental skills using the HighScope curriculum.

Our Staff

Our Pre-School teachers are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and loving. They understand that young children need flexibility and structure, planned experiences, spontaneous play, and opportunities to learn about themselves and their world. We pride ourselves on our Christ-centered approach that nurtures young children across all developmental domains – cognitive, language, gross and fine motor, social/emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual.


Our Curriculum

The HighScope curriculum, which is built on the premise that children learn best by doing and control is shared between adults and children, a student's creativity is encouraged, and their curiosity piqued as they explore their individual interests.

Children learn through direct, hands-on experiences. Trained teachers who understand child development and how to best scaffold the important areas of learning in the Pre-School years offer guidance and support.

Key components of the HighScope curriculum:

Unique classroom arrangement, materials, and equipment: The space and materials in a HighScope setting are carefully arranged to promote active learning. The room is divided into interest areas organized around specific kinds of play; for example, block area, house area, small toy area, book area, sand-and-water area, and art area.

Plan-do-review daily sequence routine: The teacher’s role is that of a facilitator who observes and interacts with the children. HighScope teachers provide high-quality experiences that keep children engaged to promote their learning. Central elements of the Pre-School daily routine include the plan-do-review sequence, small- and large-group times, greeting time, and outside time.

Observable early childhood milestones: The curriculum is built around teacher- and child-initiated learning activities in five main curriculum content areas: approaches to learning; language, literacy, and communication; social and emotional development; physical development, health, and well-being; and arts and sciences. Within these areas are 58 key developmental indicators — observable early childhood milestones that guide teachers as they plan learning experiences and interact with children.

Authentic assessment: The Pre-School COR (Child Observation Record) is used to evaluate child progress in HighScope Pre-School Programs. This method of authentic assessment includes objective observations, student work portfolios, and teacher ratings of children’s development. Teachers are able to use the information to provide parents with a more accurate picture of a child’s true capabilities; and plan effectively to meet individual student needs.

Please stop by to observe classes or call Melanie Drouin at 330.867.0918.