Deborah Farquhar Jones, President

                                       Deborah Farquhar Jones, President

Welcome to Our Lady of the Elms!

Thank you for visiting our School!  The chance to lead the Elms into the future is truly an honor.  Let me share with you a few interesting facts about this amazing school.

  • Founded in 1923 by the Dominican Sisters, Our Lady of the Elms is the ONLY all-girls Grades 1-12 school in the Cleveland Diocese.
  • The Dominican Sisters of Peace are our sponsors, and 28 Sisters live on the property.  Regular opportunities exist for the girls to visit the Convent and for the Sisters to visit the School. (My own First Grade teacher lives at the Elms!)
  • Academic freedom has long been a tenet of the Dominicans.  Surprised?  When I asked the Sisters to define the term they explained it like this:  they believe – and those of us who are involved in the day-to-day life of the Elms would agree – that education is evolutionary; it must evolve and change with the times.  Today’s schools are very different than they were in 1923, 1953 or 1993.  We embrace this notion of progressive education at the Elms, and every child in our care is the beneficiary
  • The value of all-girls cannot be shared in a sentence or a moment.  Our girls learn in a unique environment with a solid foundation based on the four Dominican pillars of community, teaching, prayer and service.  Girls learn best in small class sizes where teachers meet each child’s needs.  We foster positive learning environments by looping teachers in the Primary grades, providing hands-on learning opportunities in the Middle School and offering rigorous academics in the High School.  Elms girls boldly discover their way as confident, creative and curious learners, well prepared to succeed in every aspect of life.

I encourage you to visit and see for yourself why we’re not your mother’s Catholic school!


Deborah Farquhar Jones