Beth Foraker '86

Beth Foraker ‘86 is currently the head of the Science Department at Franklin High School in Franklin, IN, as well as a Physics and Chemistry teacher.

A graduate of Miami of Ohio, Beth was accepted in the Peace Corps, but decided to get her teaching certificate, after her assignment was canceled due to a Civil War in the area (in Africa) where she was to be sent. 

Teaching has been a family profession. Her sister, mom and grandfather all taught.

Beth has been recognized as Teacher of the Year. One of the most meaningful tributes to Beth occurred when one of her students nominated her for a Neighbor Award in the Indianapolis Star newspaper. The student said about her favorite teacher, “Ms. (Beth) Foraker, my physics teacher, is really nice and gets to know the students and cares about them. She tries to help them anyway she can."

Beth lives with her family in Morgantown, IN.  She has two children, one in Junior High and one in High School, and both are honor students. 

Jeanette Meyer-Fladung