Noelle Colant '13

After graduating from the Elms in 2013, Noelle began attending MIT where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering and her Bachelor’s of Science in Theater Arts in 2017. While at MIT, she performed research at the Koch Institute for Cancer Research in J. Christopher Love’s Laboratory. The group recently published their work on rapid manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals in Nature Biotechnology. She was also active in MIT’s theater community; she was the president of the Musical Theater Guild and she received the 2017 Alan Brody Prize in Theater Arts. 

Noelle is currently living in London and pursuing her PhD in Biochemical Engineering at University College London (UCL). Her research involves creating a novel manufacturing platform for vaccine and gene therapy products. Her project received the 2018 EPRSC Manufacturing Hub Project Prize for the Best PhD Project. In addition to her research, she hopes to educate and inspire future engineers. She recently supervised a team of UCL undergraduate students in the iGEM competition. They were awarded a silver medal for their work on the polymerization of spider silk using orthogonal inteins.

Jeanette Meyer-Fladung