Middle School - Grades 6-8

Girls face a time of change and transition during Grades 6-8 that can be both awkward and awesome. Frankly, Middle School can be challenging. Discovering and developing their unique talents and personalities, exploring spirituality, strengths and identities, testing their boundaries and beliefs, these girls are beginning their transition into young adulthood.  We understand that.

Our Middle School features a rigorous academic program that promotes critical thinking and inquiry.  Our students find themselves deeply immersed in content through hands-on projects and an expectation that they not only have knowledge of content, but also a willingness to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and make connections to other areas of study during the learning process. The result is students who know content, think critically, and apply that content to new situations throughout their lives.  

While depth of study is unique and paramount in our program, we also offer a breadth of study that stretches beyond core subjects to include a diverse arts program, foreign language options, physical education courses, life skills and relationship building, and many extra curricular opportunities.

Our teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects, and ensure our students receive current and relevant instruction while encouraging them to have fun learning.