Elms Middle School students display their tessellation posters.

Elms Middle School students display their tessellation posters.

Elms Launches Middle School Strategic Initiative

Our Lady of the Elms is celebrating the launch of the first phase of a strategic initiative to create a Grades 6-8 environment that blends hands-on learning with age-appropriate academics.

“Middle School girls need encouragement to think critically about the world around them, the opportunities available to them and the struggles and exclusions they may face,” said President Deborah Farquhar Jones. “We invite our families and members of the community to see first-hand the Elm’s evolving campus, aspects of which are being configured specifically to meet the educational and emotional needs of Middle School girls.”

Special features include:

  • Dedicated team of faculty committed solely to Middle School girls
  • Curriculum and daily schedule designed specifically for Middle School girls
  • One week each month entitled “BOLD week” during which the girls will spend Friday together in service and exploration on and off campus
  • Agricultural Exploration with an interdisciplinary approach to building girls’ confidence through problem solving, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • DREAM Studio, a makerspace that provides formal and informal, hands-on ways to encourage girls to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in math, science and engineering

Anyone interested in more information or a tour should contact Admissions Director Melanie Drouin.