Clubs & Organizations

Coalition includes a representative from each class and club, and all class presidents. Coalition is the student body government. Members meet regularly to air student concerns and work toward solutions. Developing leadership is an important mission of the Elms and Coalition. Students participate in formal leadership training during the school year. Coalition sponsors the Freshie Mixer and fundraisers throughout the year.

Drama is a fine tradition at the Elms. One production is staged each year. Dedication, discipline, and many rehearsals result in quality high school theater.  Our talented students enjoy opportunities in all aspects of theater, from performance and stage management to lighting, scenery and costume design. Middle school and high school students may participate in Drama Club which features improvisation exercises and acting experience.

Elm Leaf (Newspaper and Online Magazine) is open to students in grades 7-12.  The school newspaper, the Elm Leaf, is published seasonally throughout the year. The Digital Edition is the online branch of the Elm Leaf and serves as a natural and modern extension to the long-standing student platform for creative and journalistic expression at the Elms.  The online format allows for expedited, flexible, and media rich content. The student reporters, editors, photographers, and artists carry out each step of newspaper/magazine production, from decisions about story ideas and photo assignments through page design. 

Encores Show Choir is an auditioned, choreographed vocal group.  The Encores rehearse three times weekly in preparation for holiday and spring concerts, an all-school talent show, community events including holiday club meetings, and fundraising events. The Encores visit and perform at area nursing and assisted living facilities during the holiday season.

F.A.S.T. (Faith And Spiritual Team) members meet with the liturgical director to plan Masses, Friday Word and Communion services, and other prayer and paraliturgical services for the Elms community.  Students participate in various ministries during Mass and throughout the year.

Forensics (AKA Speech and Debate)members develop a lifelong interest in communication skills, critical thinking and writing, literary interpretation, and public speaking. Students compete in Ohio High School Speech League and National Forensic League tournaments throughout the year. This rigorous competition produces numerous state qualifiers, district champions, state finalists and national qualifiers. The Elms team is proud to claim a National Semi-Finalist in 2001, and a National Champion in 2000.

History Book of the Month Club:  Students in grades 7 and 8 read works of historical fiction about various time periods in American history, such as colonialism, European and Asian immigration, WWI, and the civil rights movement, just to name a few.

International Club is open to all students in grades 7-12 who are interested in French, Latin, Spanish, or other world cultures.  The club’s purpose is to broaden the students’ understanding of various global traditions.  Students are engaged in activities related to French, Latin, or Spanish culture, as well as the culture and heritage shared by our students or our exchange students through PowerPoint presentations, dance, music, cuisine, and crafts.

Leadership Program:  Leadership is taught, modeled, and expected at every level at the Elms.  There is an emphasis on the leadership disposition of women which is collaborative as opposed to hierarchical and is focused on social justice.

  • Students who hold elected positions as class, club and Coalition officers are enrolled and evaluated in a Leadership course. Student leaders meet with their moderators routinely to plan and implement activities. Through a more formal process of evaluation, student leaders set leadership goals each semester under the mentorship of their moderator. Their semi-annual evaluation includes an assessment of their progress toward those goals as well as in leadership sub-categories such as inclusiveness, problem-solving, strategic planning, communication, teamwork and stewardship of resources.

  • Coalition is the Elms student government. There is a Coalition representative from every class and club. Coalition provides meaningful and fun activities for the entire school such as the annual Elms Olympics and Freshman Welcome Week. Coalition also serves as a forum for new ideas and collaborative problem-solving.

  • Two leadership workshops are offered each year. Over the years, topics have ranged from consensus building and delegation to personal and team mission statements.

  • Every leadership position at the Elms is filled by a young woman. There are more than 60 elected student leadership positions.

  • Elms students participate in Junior Leadership Akron, Stow- Munroe Falls Youth Leadership program, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), the National Youth Leadership Council, National Youth Leaders State Conference, National Youth Leadership Forum (medicine, law and national defense) and other opportunities as they arise.

  • Seniors serve as big sister role models for the ninth graders.

  • Students serve on retreat teams to plan and facilitate younger students’ retreats.

Middle School Student Council, open to students in grades 7 and 8, elects officers annually. Officers meet monthly to discuss student concerns, plan Middle School events, including dances, and Middle School pep rallies.

Music Ministry is open to all students in grades 7-12, whose members provide music for our all-school liturgies.

Power of the Pen, open students in grades 7 and 8, provides a creative outlet for young writers. Students share their original works and explore various writing styles and techniques. Competitions occur at local, district, and regional levels, with a statewide competition at the end of the year.

Science Olympiad, open to students in grades 7-12, is a regional, state, and national science competition in which school-based teams of up to 15 students compete in 23 events across various science fields.  Students prepare for and compete in events spanning fields such as astronomy, anatomy, chemistry, entomology, geology, physics, and mechanical engineering.  The Science Olympiad program is a wonderful opportunity to involve students in all disciplines of science and continue their learning well beyond that of the classroom.

Social Action Club is open to all students in grades 7-12.  Social action and responsibility is vital to the growth of women in leadership. All students are encouraged to participate in some aspect of the Social Action Club. Student interests and activities include AIDS awareness and support of the Community AIDS Network of Akron, food and clothing drives, recycling, respect for human life from the unborn to ending the death penalty, working at area soup kitchens and food pantries, hunger awareness, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and other activities as issues of social justice arise.

Spirit Club, open to students in grades 7-12, sponsors two fundraisers, pep assemblies, a Halloween Party, a Christmas Hallway Decoration Contest, and Spirit Week. Club members provide support for the athletic teams and recognize student and staff birthdays. The goal of the Spirit Club is to increase school spirit and participation and attendance at all extracurricular activities.

Yearbook (Egress) is a course worth 1/4 credit. Students learn a variety of skills needed to produce the yearbook including professionalism, sales, news writing, editing, photography, and desktop publishing. Students also have the opportunity to attend the Herrf-Jones summer yearbook conference at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio.