Admissions Essay

In addition to your online application, we ask that the student complete 2 writing prompts and parent/guardian complete a family community statement. Write a well developed essay of at least 500 words. Feel free to write your essays in advance and copy and paste them into the online form for submission.

Student Writing Prompts

  • Our Lady of the Elms educated young women to live their lives boldly with purpose, confidence, kindness, resilience and faith. How do you plan to achieve this at Our Lady of the Elms?

  • Describe a challenge you have had in your life. What did you do to meet the challenge and how did this challenge change you?

Family Community Statement

  • Woven into the experience of every Elms girl is Veritas, the pursuit of truth and justice. Boldly forming the base for our work at the Elms are the four pillars of the Dominican Charism— study, preaching, community and prayer. How do you anticipate being involved in the Elms community? What skills or networks might you be willing to extend to the Elms to help us pursue academic excellence and a strong community spirit?