Mission, Vision and Values


Our Lady of the Elms, a private Catholic school rooted in the Dominican tradition, educates girls and young women to live their lives boldly with purpose, confidence, kindness, resilience and faith. 


Elms girls become confident leaders, accomplished professionals and advocates for justice and the common good.  Prepared to succeed in life they possess a spiritual, educational, global and experiential foundation shaped at the Elms.


Our Lady of the Elms School, founded on Catholic principles and enriched by Dominican spirituality, is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Welcoming and inclusive, the Elms cultivates girls to be tomorrow’s standard bearers for sustainability, equity and reconciliation among people by preparing them to live purposeful, spiritual and trailblazing lives demonstrated through:

Leadership       Creativity              Humility        Faith          
Respect            Compassion          Kindness       Joy

Dominican Pillars

Woven into the experience of every Elms girl is Veritas, the pursuit of truth and justice.  Boldly forming the base for our work are the four pillars of the Dominican Charism:

Study        Preaching        Community        Prayer