GAR Awards Grant to the Elms

The GAR Foundation's Distribution Committee has announced that the Elms is a recipient of a $15,000 grant for Agricultural Exploration.  The project ise a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)-based approach for Kindergarten through Grade 8 and incorporates intergenerational learning opportunities, gardening and farming into all areas of the academic experience.  Students will gain critical thinking and communication skills, leading to improved test scores, and exposure to science, math and engineering career paths post college.

All academic areas will be included as the students learn about:  soil, climate, farming techniques; types of plants growing best together; seasonal plants; food supply; the science of cooking; creating recipes; growth and care of chickens; and more.  The farm to table approach will include creating and preparing recipes from the produce and eggs.  Girls will compost garden material and chicken waste, and collect water for the garden with a rain barrel, while leaning about recycling.  Students will identify threats to crops and reduced production to see the correlation of supply and demand.

At each grade level, girls will select and engage in challenging activities and persist even when tired or frustrated.  Students will organize ideas to carry out multi-step plans to attain a goal or solve a problem, demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect and a willingness to help others by providing assistance.

Training and professional development will begin in July 2018.  This project will lay the groundwork needed to develop a fully engaged STREAM program at the Elms.