Padraigin O'Flynn '15  participated in the MESA: Middle East Studies Association NA's Undergraduate Research Workshop (URW).

Padraigin O'Flynn '15 participated in the MESA: Middle East Studies Association NA's Undergraduate Research Workshop (URW).

Alumnae News

Palmer Peters Fogler '68 is still married to the same great guy for 45 years, Bob Fogler. They have two grown girls with families of their own, and five frisky grandchildren to keep them busy. Both retired three years ago from careers in education. Palmer spent 20 years in teaching and then 15 years in administration as a principal and superintendent in the Indian Valley, Strasburg, and Carrollton schools. Bob spent 10 years in speech therapy and 25 years in administration as a principal and superintendent in Indian Valley schools and the Tuscarawas ESC. Now they do what retired folks do - celebrate family and friends while alternating between travel and babysitting the grandkids. 

Annette Racano Foster '68 still enjoys the world of work and is teaching in Akron. She and Larry have three grown and married boys and lots of beautiful grandkids. She thanks the sisters for seating incoming freshmen in alphabetical order because Peters and Racano are still best friends.

Julie Kleski '96 recently designed the elaborate holiday-window displays for Bergdorf-Goodman.  The seasonal exhibit marked Kleski’s second for Bergdorf-Goodman — work that represents a major leap forward in her career as a freelance designer specializing in holiday displays.  Read her story.

Donna Maier '77 is a licensed clinical psychologist, working in Cincinnati and Dayton. She lives in Cincinnati, along with her sister, Hope, '79, and her son, Gabriel, who is a student at UC in the Army ROTC program. She finds her job very rewarding and really enjoys her clients (most of them). In her spare time, she crafts and donates the items to charities to auction off or sell. Her parents have passed on. She has a sister who lives in the Outer Banks so she treats her house like a vacation home. She has four nephews, aged 6 to 22, which is a disappointment as I wanted 4 nieces. She attended her 40th reunion and says was wonderful to see everybody and feel that sense of camaraderie again. 

Padraigin O'Flynn '15 recently participated in an undergraduate research workshop sponsored by the Committee on Undergraduate Middle East Studies (CUMES) that was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association in Washington, D.C.  She presented a paper, which was developed in her Closed for Business: Movement and Economies in Hebron class, offered by the Political Science Department at Kent State University.  Twelve undergraduates from universities in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East participated in the workshop.

Marilyn Miller Paulk '68 is happy to announce that she has just retired! 

Emily Petrochuk '16 was accepted into the Byers School of Nursing at Walsh University after completing the required prerequisite classes. She will also be traveling to Tanzania in Africa with the Blouin Global Scholars Program to study the issue of food insecurity and hunger.

Cindi Passarelli Preising '97 teaches English at Woodridge High School in Peninsula, and she lives in Tallmadge with her husband and four children.

Marcella Ann Lane Smith '53 retired in1996 from teaching Advanced Placement English in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to New Port Beach CA, where she lived for 11 years. From that time she has resided in the city of Orange. She enjoys teaching contract bridge to adults and achieved Gold Life Master status. Also, she taught English literature at Mater Dei, a Catholic High School, in Santa Ana.

Brooke Stiles '16, a student at Denison University, interned last summer for Adelle Goldenberg, editor-in-chief of fashion blog GlamSalad. Stiles pitched her the idea of coming to New York three times over the summer to interview and photograph people for the blog.  Read her story.

In Memoriam

Sister Patricia Marie Sigler, formerly known as Sister Assumpta, passed away on October 17, 2017.  Ready full obituary.